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I LOVE the DIY Snow Globe ideas I've seen floating around the web lately. Seriously some of them are so cute.


I like to pretend that I came up with the ingenious idea a loooong ago. In my high school Spanish class, my friend and I decided to take (uh, steal) a little doll from our teacher's desk and tape our friends head to it. We put it back in hopes it'd get a few laughs from the other classes. It did. We were famous. I took the little doll with me to college as a memento of my high school days (which freaked my roommate out at first until she understood my humor), and for some reason on a subzero day when the entire student body wasn't allowed to go outside, I decided it would be fun to make him into a snow globe.

Low and behold! (Yep, that's a Led Zeppelin poster in the background.)

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, and since it is still technically winter (even though my people back in the Midwest are sick and tired of it, amirite), we're making easy Valentine's Snow Globes today!

Maybe if we shake our snow globes hard enough winter will dissipate? Maybe??

DIY Snow 1Supplies: Jar (baby, mason and olive jars work best) Red or Pink Glitter (we used P!nk in honor of our upcoming release Lullaby Renditions of P!nk) Glycerine (to help the glitter from falling too fast) Distilled water Figurine Directions: 1. Glue your figurine and any additional decorations to the bottom of the jar lid. 2. Fill jar almost full with distilled water. 3. Add glitter and a drop of glycerine. DIY Snow Globe 24. Screw lid on tightly. 5. Turn jar over and back again and let it snow the color of love!

And for you Game of Thrones fans . . . get inspired by this  Jon Snow Globe, too!


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