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Have you checked all the cool apparel we have for you and your little ones? Click HERE to see the full collection - from short-sleeve onesies all the way up to adult T-shirts - sure to make a a rockin' impression all over town, cool for all... unless, of course, you have a problem with boys or grown men wearing fluorescent pink bears across their chests. On that note, we're interested in knowing how you approach dressing your child in today's poll. Tell us: [polldaddy poll=6361025]

If there's a factor we missed, tell us below in the comments!

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  • Honestly, there are days I dress my girl just so she doesn’t look funny. Other days, that can’t be avoided…like when I’m not smart packing her luggage for a long trip and, like recently, visiting a cold city, on top she looks like a punk (black short-sleeve onesie over a grey long-sleeve onesie) and a girly jock on bottom (pink puffy patterned sweat pants with thick turquoise converse socks pulled up over bottom of pants). Funny but cute.

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