Gardening for “Sprouts”

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These past weeks we've been celebrating International Guitar Month, which, of course, rocks. But April is also for enjoying National Gardening Month. I wonder if we're the only people commemorating both? J I wonder if many guitar players have green thumbs? Hmm... One of my favorite things to do as a child was helping my grandma plant seedlings for her garden. From rhubarb to petunias, she grew flower and vegetable gardens that would be the envy of any horticulturist. Seriously, the woman is a gardening magician (not to mention a fantastic jelly, salsa and pickle canner). So to encourage you to flex your green thumb this month, I've created a simple DIY gardening tutorial below, perfect for your little "sprout" to assist. ;) What you'll need: 1. Gardeners - You and your little "sprout." 2. Seeds - We used Marigold, Zinnia (fairly easy to grow), and Sweet Peas. (Tip: Ask your local nursery for some flowers that grow best in your environment.) 3. Potting soil - We used Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix 4. Biodegradable Pots 5. Water and Care;) Growing your sprouts:

1. For each kind of flower you'll be planting, pack a pot about ¾ full of potting soil. 2. Follow the instructions for sowing the seeds on the back of the seed packets. 3. Have your child cover up the seeds with required amount of soil. 4. Place plants in spot with regular amounts of sunshine. 5. Have your kids water each pot regularly (and according to packet instructions). 6. When the seeds have sprouted and the ground has warmed, transplant your little sprouts by burying the biodegradable pots in your garden or larger flowering pot.


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Getting dirty can be darn tiring. Make sure you and your little gardeners get plenty of rest with the help of these lullabies:

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