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Article: Gifts That Keep On Giving: Tom’s Shoes

Baby Shower Gifts

Gifts That Keep On Giving: Tom’s Shoes

Kids grow out of shoes so damn fast - their little clodhoppers change shape so rapidly that keeping them in shoes is a difficult proposition indeed. But for some people in developing nations, keeping their kids in shoes is difficult for other reasons entirely. That's why, when we buy shoes for Henry (or as gifts for other kids), we try to always buy Tom's. The company was started with a very simple mission - for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a needy person in a third world country. No strings attached, plain and simple. Plus they look cool - Henry gets tons of compliments on his buffalo shoes (pictured).

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Toms Shoes are super cool! – … ‘social fashion’ – it’s the future! … for more gifts that keep on giving you should check out – very cool urban sportswear with amazing social message behind it – lovin’ the BIG HAIRY MONSTERS!!!


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