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Article: GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday Robert Smith


GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday Robert Smith

Robert Smith, The Cure’s wild-haired, red-lipped frontman, celebrates his 55th birthday today!



images from we heart it & the guardian

Of course, we’re celebrating, too, with a giveaway!

Last year, Smith celebrated his birthday in Mexico City with a 4-hour, 50-plus song set. Can you imagine?!

It got us wondering . . . What will he do this year? And even better: What if we got to be there?

So, we’re letting our imaginations get away with us this time! To enter our random drawing to win two copies of Lullaby Renditions of The Cure (one for you and one for a friend), tell us how you and Robert Smith would celebrate Robert Smith’s birthday. Enter by Sunday, April 27 at 8pm PST.


Need a little piece of heaven (also known as the baby’s naptime) right away?

Listen to Lullaby Renditions of The Cure on Spotify!


Teased hair, smeared makeup, black clothes and cardigans… how else is there to celebrate? Oh! By putting heads on the doors and welcoming all the neighborhhod cats!

Jennifer Bates

A nice, intimate dinner & drinks with family and close friends for good company, conversation and food to celebrate a special person.

Nicole Roberts

View the underground sounds of nyc at night.

Shannon Murphy

We’d watch a marathon of Brothers Quay films via projector in the basement of an abandoned warehouse

Lily G

Eat a turkey burger with cheese and bacon, while listening to The Smiths.

Raffi Boyadjian

We’d have some tea together & watch the love cats at play!


We’d paint each other’s nails and do art things outside. Or maybe just stay in and watch cartoons!

Danielle Rodriguez

We’d do a ‘best of the 80’s’ countdown, throw darts at photos of Bono and Morrissey (both of whom he apparently hates) and eat cake!


I’d keep it low-key. Beer and burgers and I’d show him my growing vinyl collection. We’d listen to some LPs and maybe talk about his career and funny tour stories. Maybe we’d watch a movie. Basically it’d be all about great conversation!! I’d try to take full opportunity of this situation!!


Perhaps go about an area he wouldn’t be recognized..Sicily,Italy is nice..go up Mt.Etna(an active volcano)via gondolas.. play in the snow.take some pics..then go back down to a pub/cafe for some food, drinks,conversation.


Rock out with tons of friends


We’d do a top 10 of his favorite tour stories or places to play. We would then do a karaoke night

Andreane Proulx

Throw a great flashback party (think big hair, old records etc.)

Renea Pike

we would go back in time to CBGB and have a black birthday cake and dance all night.

Diana G

We probably would do something that Robert loves doing such as drinking beer whilst watching football, especially if his favourite team (Queen Park Rangers FC) were playing.


50 songs and 4 hours is not enough we’d go 100 songs for 8 hours. i will play drums.

Jay K.

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