GIVEAWAY: How to Throw a Rockin’ Baby Shower

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Can I first say, I have total baby envy for all you expectant mothers. My daughter is turning 2 in May and it’s gone by too quickly! Three lovely women I know are actually expecting very, very soon, and two of them are true rocker girls: Jeannie, loves hair bands, spent much of her twenties on the Sunset Strip and plays guitar; Annie, used to sing in a band and actually married a rocker! So it got me thinking, what kind of baby showers would I throw these music–loving ladies? Or, rather . . .

What should a rockin’ baby shower look like?

Not every expectant parent wants a Pinterest approved, perfectly planned shower. Some people wouldn’t mind a rockin’ show. So here are my tips for “How to Throw a Rockin’ Baby Shower.”


By HydraulicGraphix

1) First off, it starts with the invite: tickets, show(er) tickets, of course! And, for the special guest parents, make sure they receive VIP tickets.


The Sayers Club in Hollywood

2) Choose or create a rockin’ venue. My husband scoffed at my idea of holding a baby shower at a rock club. “Have you seen what a place like The Roxy or Whisky looks like with the lights on?” he said to me. I told him, “Then turn the lights off!” Okay, so maybe renting a club for an afternoon or early evening shower may be too much, but you can create a rock club setting at your home — unless you could rent a space like The Sayers Club, with its très hip ambiance. (Definitely check out our Small Talk with The Sayers Club’s Jason Scoppa!)



3) Invite rock royalty! Your guest list should be a who’s who from rock history. While members from Van Halen probably won’t be RSVPing for just anyone’s shower, you can have all your guests come dressed as her or his — making it a coed shower would totally rock — favorite rock star. Our Idolize board on Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration.

LP covers Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

4) Of course, have a band play! So maybe not everyone (or anyone) at the party is a musician, but that’s what karaoke is for (or so my dad says). Your VIP guests will love it. Extra points if you can actually get someone to crowd surf, for sure. Maybe any little kids in attendance? Just not the pregnant guest of honor!


From Bubby & Bean

5) And, no doubt, you must have a fun rock-inspired spread for people. It can range from a rock-inspired menu of guitar cupcakes  and “California Dreamin” rolls. Be creative!

namethattune (2)

  6) Don’t forget great games to play. And, of course, play our “Name That Tune” Baby Shower Game! It will really test everyone’s rock knowledge. And the prize for the winner? We’re happy to help with that!

We want to help you with your baby-shower planning. Not just with our tips and games, but the prizes. So we’re giving away one Good Day, Goodnight bundle to one (1) lucky winner. To enter, just answer the question, "What should a rockin’ baby shower look like?" below in the comments by April 11 at 12 pm PST to be entered into our random draw.


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  • I had a classic rock band play at my baby shower. There was Ramones kareoke later on. Even the little ones liked The Ramones and sang! It was really fun. It was held in a recording studio, so we had instruments everywhere and even recorded some of the songs. I think it rubbed off on the baby, cause he was born a rocker, he even headbands!

    Krystal on
  • Concert flashing lights!

    Vicki on
  • Karaoke! with rock selections only- Live band and everyone is invited. A good beer selection for the non-preggers and mocktails for those expecting. BBQ, and sunshine too!

    Alex Porter on
  • A rockin baby shower to be would be outside!…and with all of the guests kids! Lots of fun games to play, and of course the food that goes with the showers. My pregnancy craving is cupcakes and my mom already has them on the list! My shower is coming up :)

    Thank you!

    Amanda Healey on
  • A rockn’ baby shower would be best outside in the beautiful weather with classic rock coming through the speakers and guests sitting or standing around talking and laughing, bobbing their heads to the music. Nothing better than people having a good time, especially the men, at a baby shower!

    Stephanie T on

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