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Article: GIVEAWAY: Rocking Parent Tips

GIVEAWAY: Rocking Parent Tips

Have you been missing our Why Babies Rule! series? Don’t fret, we will bring it back. It’s not that we ran out of reasons… It’s just that some of our resident babies have moved into the toddler phase and it’s no longer about why our kids rule, it’s how they rule, if you catch my drift. Yeah, you get it. It’s their way or the highway. So we’re looking to start another series that’s about you, dear parents, and what you can teach us.


Share your rocking parent tips below to enter to win one of these awesome album art onesie bundles


I’ll kick it off to get things started. Here’s one rocking parent tip that has seriously changed life in our household by eliminating one of the nastiest pests on earth: telemarketers.


Now it’s your turn! Enter your rocking parent tips below by April 15 at 12 pm PDT to be entered into our random giveaway. Two (2) winners will be selected.  


Feed your Kids lots of fruit and veggies especially the ones u dont eat. And popeye works to encourage biys to eat healthy for muscles. He smokes but if no one smokes around ur kids they wont even know what hes doing. tell really little kids that prunes are candy so when they need a liitle digestive help they wont fight you. Totally worksonmy kids.

Lisa Gonzalez

When changing a diaper, always treat the situation like clearing a lawnmower. Wait for everything to come to a complete stop before working.

Anthony M

Always try to make your kids laugh and smile! Those are the GREATEST moments because your kid thinks you’re the most awesome person in the world in that moment!

Stephanie T

one tip is to look in the clearance section at department/chain stores and buy next sizes up for the following year – saves a bunch! also, when blending your own veggies, cauliflower works well in the mix – gives whatever veggie you blend a good consistency. :)


Kiss and hug your kids as much as you can while you can. The best thing you can give them is your attention and the only thing they will remember is LOVE :)


Don’t decide to commit to any ONE source of parenting advice. Do turn your iPad away when you type in the unlock code — kids are sneaky like thieves trying to figure out your PIN at an ATM.


When the kids drive you crazy, remember they can only grown up.

Jo Ann Mahoney

A dog is a great companion for you & your children, they are always there for you & keep an eye on the little ones!

Christian Talbot

When your baby starts to stand, make a big hooha about it & get excited & cheer, wich makes them do it more often!

Christian Talbot

Musical education begin with The Beatles

Kevin Cooper

Don’t take the screw-ups too hard… you WILL mess up, everybody does, but your kid still loves you no matter what.
Just keep trying and give lots of love!

Jessica K

As a new parent, strangers will often approach you to ask, “Is she a good baby?” Surprise them by saying, “No, she’s kind of an #$$hole.”

And a bonus (because we all know it’s true): If you think you’re posting too many pictures of your kid on facebook, you probably are.


Music is the best thing for you & your kids, it makes you happy, it makes you sing & it helps you & them sleep better!

Christian Talbot

Make different batches of vegetables & meats, place them into ice cube trays & freeze them, then place them into zip lock bags & label what they are, so then you have food instantly ready those hectic days!

Christian Talbot

Expect melt downs and trantrums! Your kids will do it too.


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