GIVEAWAY: The Story Behind Your Name

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Last week we kicked off Monday with the Story Behind the Photo of an iconic Jackson 5 photo with photojournalist Lawrence Schiller. Today, we’re putting you all in the spotlight! Our question is simple:  

What’s the Story Behind Your Name?

Post your answer in the comments below by Sunday, August 3, 8 pm PST for your chance to win this awesome prize package: You Name It Bundle!

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The winners get to choose from one of the whopping 500-plus bundle options in our store. Three (3) winners will be randomly selected. For extra entries, share the image above on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter and tag with #MyNameStory.

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Which one do you want? The Good Baby, Bad Baby CD & Picture Book + Toddler T-Shirt or the Good Day, Goodnight 2-CD Compilation + Mug? There are so many options! We look forward to hearing your stories!  

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  • Our little man is named after his Great Grandpa, whom he has never met, but they share a strong bond. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor & one day we can hand down the actual shoes he wore as he swam to shore on that horrible but heroic day!

    Melanie F on
  • We found out at the end of May we are expecting our first child. When it came to baby names, we tossed around several ideas, but it came down to blending family names with special names from our past. For a girl, we picked Christine Rebecca in honor of my husband’s great grandma and my grandma who passed away right after we got engaged. The Christine also comes from one of my favorite broadway characters names (the phantom of the opera). For a boy we are thinking Thomas Randel in honor of a family name on my dad’s side and my husband’s middle name. Thomas also comes from both of us growing up as fans of mighty morphing power rangers thus the nickname would be Tommy. We look forward to our child falling asleep to music we loved.

    Jennifer Ferguson on
  • My mom really liked the name Anastasia. She was super into the Tsar of Russia and the mystery behind his family’s execution and Anastasia’s alleged “escape” . . . So they chose Anastasia but in the end my mom figured it would be hard for me to spell haha so instead she named me Stacie Ann

    Stacie on
  • I was named after my great grandpas nick name.His actual name was Hubert but everyone called him Sam. Samamtha isnt an unusual name but how I came to have the name is fun and different.

    Samantha White on
  • We couldn’t fully agree or commit to a name for our son who is now one. We both liked Lucas . Long story short Mick Jagger named his son Lucas and I thought well if it is cool enough for Mick,it’s cool enough for me. Haha and he totally rocks his name!!

    jessica on

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