GIVEAWAY: Things You Should Never Say to a New Parent

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Today we’re kicking off the week with a little Rockabye Baby Etiquette 101. (By the way, if you haven’t read the “How to Hold Other People’s Babies” post, you must!) The lesson of the day is simple: Sh*t you should never say to a new parent.


  1)   “Your baby is really cute . . .” if you don’t mean it. We may not be getting much sleep, but when you become a parent, it’s like your BS radar goes up a notch. So if you’re not being sincere when showering our kid with compliments because you feel obliged to, we’ll know. And those fake smiles . . . save ’em. 2)   “Are you getting much sleep?” No. But you know that already so don’t remind us that we aren’t. And you probably don’t want to spend the short amount of time you have our undivided attention talking about how little sleep we’re getting, right? 3)   “Are you free fill in the blank night?” During the early months, seriously, there is no “free” time and when there is, it’s likely spent doing things like catching up on sleep, eating uninterrupted and, you know, showering. 4)   “You look good . . .” if you don’t mean it. See #1. But it’s nice of you to say so. I personally think I look better sleep deprived, but my husband looked like a wreck. A loveable wreck, but if you’re someone who is used to an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night, well, good luck! 5)   “Why don’t you fill in the blank . . .” Frankly, if you’re thinking of saying anything to a new parent that starts with those 3 words, best to reword in a different way. One of the most annoying things we could do without is all the unwanted advice. Yes, we probably vent about all the things that are bothering us because of #3, but sometimes we just want someone who doesn’t (lovably) spit, poop or pee on us all day. Now, if we actually ask you, pointedly, your help on something, please share! 6)   “Will you have another?” Um, how about you try asking after we’ve survived the first year.

 Now, it’s your turn….

What are things YOU think you should never say to a new parent? 

Tell us in the comments below to enter our random drawing for this super-cool bundle! One (1) winner will be selected. Enter by Monday, April 21 at 12 pm PT. So, go ahead, vent away!


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  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. If you want some semblance of a life, don’t sleep when baby sleeps, unless you enjoy 17 minute naps.

    Rachel on
  • “I will babysit for you,” when you never actually intend to do so.

    Ashley Kemp on
  • “You shouldn’t do that!” or “You’re not doing it right!”- nothing more unnerving than having someone tell you you’re doing something wrong or something you shouldn’t be doing at all. You may be new to the whole parenting game BUT it doesn’t make you an idiot. You know your child better than anyone so do what you feel is best! :)

    Stephanie T on
  • Things You Should Never Say to a New Parent:
    No, it never stops crying or pooping!

    You’ll get used to it… someday.

    Yes, your baby drools more than a dog.

    I hope you enjoyed what sleep you got.

    Babies are like little drunks, you can never understand them, they’ll puke everywhere, and then pass out.

    They only pee on you if they like you.

    That smell in there diaper only gets worse as they get older.

    Dj DIESEL on
  • “Well, this is how we did it when you were little and you’re alive…”
    Felicia R on

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