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Article: GIVEAWAY: Was Your Baby Good or Bad This Summer?

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GIVEAWAY: Was Your Baby Good or Bad This Summer?

Summer comes to a close today. Yeah, we know, we’re crying too. But here’s the fun part: It’s a giveaway day and all you have to do to enter is tell us:

Was Your Baby Good or Bad This Summer?

Post your good and bad baby stories below by Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 12 pm PST, to be entered into our random giveaway for one (1) copy of Good Baby, Bad Baby CD & Picture BookThree (3) winners will be selected! For bonus entries, tweet, share and Pin from this post!


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A very good baby! He always makes me chuckle when he’s on the baby swing, cos he’s getting so excited and squealing happily. He also said “mama” (German for “mom”, I speak German to him) for the first time <3


We had ourselves a right good baby this summer, helping us take naps and drink water when we were under the weather and helping us pick out the best of her books and toys to take on our only trip.

Ashley K

Our little Girl helped me realize there is more to life than work eat sleep rinse and repeat. She got me back into photography and music. We love listening to rockabye baby and she continues to change my life every day.


Our little boy has been good. He helps tidy up his toys at the end of the day, even tries sweeping the floor with a broom that is twice his height!


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