GIVEAWAY: What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

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2014resolutionGiveaway CLOSED. Thank you all for sharing your New Year's resolutions with us. Congrats to our winner Stacy Hancock! Yup, it's that time of year, when we all take stock of the year we've had and the kind of new year we want to have; thus, the list of resolutions starts developing in our heads. We checked in with our bloggers and folks here at Rockabye Baby HQ to find out what made their lists: First-Time Mommy: To speak in full sentences - OR potty-train kid - again. Stacie aka Ms. Rockabye: I'm visiting my little sister in Spain later this year and I would love to be able to order a drink (I mean, among other things, of course) without the help of a translation book. "Me gustaría sangría por favor!!" (I used google translate there but I could memorize that!) I took a few years of Spanish in school but I committed about 6 phrases total to my memory; three of which are about getting to a bathroom. So, I'm hoping to take a refresher course at the beginning of the year to help jog my memory. Jennifer, our resident artist: Two words: Less. Carbs. Sarah aka Rockabye Grrl: I often have lofty goals around New Year's, as most people do. I think resolutions are great, but you should focus on one thing you know you can change. In years past, I've had long lists of changes I'd like to make so this year I want to simply hone in on one. In 2014, I would like to live in the moment more. I think I worry too much about future happenings, whether they are years or minutes down the line. We can't change the past and the future hasn't happened yet; it's important to be present in the present. Charles, Daddy-in-Training: 100 pushups a day. Sure, we know people break resolutions all the time - you're rooting for us not to, right? - but before you do, we want you to share them...with us! Hey, if you actually type them up and post them here, maybe that'll help.

What's on your New Year's resolution list?

Post it below to enter this week's giveaway and we'll make it worth your while. How about your chance to win 3 CDs from our 2013 releases?

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Enter as many resolutions as you like before the giveaway closes on Sunday, Jan 5 at 11:59 pm ET! Good luck in our random draw and with your resolutions!

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  • My New Year’s resolution is to try to relax and enjoy the little moments more! I’m not going to sweat the messes…only smile at the joy!

    Laura Miller on
  • My New Years Resolution is to try and absorb every special moment with my 18 month old and my mother, my husband, and my family. I lost my sister to cancer in August, and I’m apprehensive to start a new year without a trace of her, but I know that the happiest I can make her while watching me, is to be happy, and live for the moments.

    Kate on
  • To be able to sleep for at least 6 hours straight without the baby waking up.

    Deanna Jarynski on
  • get healthier!!

    elaine g on
  • My New Years resolution is to drop some of the baby weight my little girl gave me!

    Elizabeth on

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