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Article: GIVEAWAY: What Is Your Holiday Wish? + FREE Download of Madonna


GIVEAWAY: What Is Your Holiday Wish? + FREE Download of Madonna

So, are you excited or annoyed by the holiday season? It’s a hectic time for most of us, and wouldn’t it be amazing if a genie just popped up and granted us each a wish to make our lives easier this month? Now, if one did, tell us:

What would you wish for this holiday season?


Bring snow to Los Angeles? Have someone magically do all the food shopping? Make sure your cat doesn’t destroy any holiday decorations? Wash your dishes after Christmas dinner? Pay for your travel home? To make Santa real? While we can’t grant all your wishes, for this week’s giveaway, we can help you with a little shopping . . . we’re offering a $50 gift cart to one (1) lucky fan in our random draw! To enter, just post your holiday wish in the comments below. Enter as many wishes as you like by our deadline, Tuesday, December 16, 2014, at 12 pm PT. Good luck! And just for entering, here’s an early holiday treat: FREE download of “Holiday” from Lullaby Renditions of Madonna.

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Wish for a healthy and happy baby boy!…and a speedy and pain free delivery!


I wish Van Halen would actually make new music! And Liverpool FC starts winning games.

Chris Robertson

I wish for my newborn baby to sleep through the whole night!


I wish just to spend time with family and friends.

Amanda Peterson

I wish California could get the rain it needs! Here’s hoping it downs later this week!


I wish that the Ghost Of Christmas past (in the guise of Kurt Cobain) would sneak into my house on Christmas Eve and bless me with the ability to make amazing music so I could rock the place on Christmas Day

Jamie Radford

I wish for world peace!


A wish for some of grandma’s homemade tamales!


I wish we won’t have a sleepless night this Christmas! And having a Rockabye Baby Christmas collection wouldn’t be so bad this time of the year… *<|:-)


Time with the family.


My holiday wish is to get all my crochet gifts done on time!

Adelina Prentice

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