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Article: Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day


Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

I have a thing for Ireland, a healthy obsession if you will. I love its rolling green knolls, its plentiful herds of black-faced mountain sheep, and U2. My friend and I even have Irish alter egos, Michelle and Kathleen, each from Killarney and Dublin, respectively.

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Most of my love stems from my mother's own love of the country, but can also be attributed to a film she bought my sister and I when we were wee lasses called The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. The film stars . . . now this is good . . . Randy Quaid, Whoopi Goldberg and my personal favorite, Roger Daltrey of The Who as King Boric, the Trooping Fairy King. So without a doubt my roommates and I are sprucing up our home for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few fun ways we’re decorating: Putting little Leprechaun hats on everyone in our apartment . . . including Dave Grohl 


  Hiding pots of “gold” around the house (your kids will love this!).


image from

Hanging a shamrock garland.


Courtesy of 

Ever since grade school, it’s been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s because I really like green or maybe it’s because we used to line up our shoes outside of our classrooms so “St. Patrick” could swing through and place candy in them. It’s definitely that actually.

Drinking ;)

Now I like St. Patrick’s Day because I really like beer and any excuse to go out with my friends for a pint is a valid one. Cheers.

Enjoy one while your kiddies do these coloring pages!



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