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Article: Great Kid Bands: The Castillo Kids

Beatles Cover band

Great Kid Bands: The Castillo Kids

Castillo Kids

Have you ever wanted to hear Beatles songs like "Eleanor Rigby" performed by kids with so much energy you're sure they're going to break through your computer screen and give you a big hug? Well The Castillo Kids must just be that group. The Castillo Kids consist of Julie (10), Jessie (12), and Joey (14). They play lots of Beatles songs and some originals quite well, and with such energy that you're sure to want to take them home. The girls play bass, violin, guitar, and probably more. Joey seems to mostly play guitar, but also the sax and he takes lead vocals more often than not. The girls provide great backup and have tons of energy that we all wish we still had, not to mention some groovy choreography. I read that they auditioned on America's Got Talent, but haven't found the results as of yet. A simple search on YouTube will yield a plethora of results, however. These kids have been doing this for years, one would guess with the guidance of their parents (who else is holding the camera?). Some of the older videos show a lot of promise; hell, I wish I could have played guitar so well at age nine! Not to mention the complexity of the harmonies on some of these songs. The Beatles didn't really phone it in too often. Check out their website with tons of video links, pics and more. And keep an eye out for these kids to make some moves in the future! P. S. They're playing the Largest Beatles festival in the world Abbey Road on the River from May 27-31 in Louisville, KY. Check them out if you can!

Baby You Can Drive My Car:

Eleanor Rigby


"When I'm 64"

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