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Article: “Guess Who We’re ‘Rockabye’ing’ Next” Giveaway


“Guess Who We’re ‘Rockabye’ing’ Next” Giveaway

Announcing Lullaby Renditions of . . . Oh, you totally thought we were gonna tell, didn't you? Well, we're gonna do one better and give you a chance to win a copy of our upcoming release. Check out the album art below. Do the Rockabye Bear's specs look a little familiar? Think you can guess who it is?


Email your guess to by Monday, August 19, 8 PM PST for the chance to win an advance copy of the album! Five (5) total winners will be selected. For a bonus entry, tweet us: "@rockabyebaby My guess is (__________) #newarrival"


Elton John!


Elton John!

Grace P.

Elton John!! “Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaaaaaaa….”

Leigh Simpson

This is obviously going to be Elton John

Yolin Lafreniere

Elton John!


Elton john




Sir Elton John

Nicole Lee

Sir Elton John bbbbbb Benny and the Jets…..


elton john

jessica krogh

It’s Captain Fantastic,Reginald Kenneth Dwight,The Rocket Man,Sir Elton John!!!!! YAY! Love it! Can’t wait to hear it!!!

Shawn Morse

elton john, yes, i have been waiting soooooo long for this cd


Sir Elton John!! “Don’t let the sun go down on me…”


elton john!


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