Happy April Fools' Day

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Did you all hear that they just made Aprils Fools’ Day a national holiday? Yup, that means the banks are closed, and nobody has to go to school or work!


APRIL FOOLS! But wouldn’t that be great if it were true?

So go ahead: Tell us the best prank or joke you’ve ever pulled on someone on April Fools’ Day.


Have you ever had an epic stunt pulled on YOU?

If you are into pulling little pranks, April Fools’ Day is probably your favorite day of the year. But where did this holiday, that is observed around the world (in one way or another), come from? While the exact origin of the holiday isn’t known, many different cultures do celebrate foolishness days around this time of year. Perhaps the transition to spring lends itself to lighthearted celebrations. In Italy, France and Belgium, children and adults tack paper fish on each other’s backs and shout “April Fish!” in their respective languages. One possible origin is that up until the late 18th century, New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25th in most of Europe. In France, many people celebrated New Year’s for a week, ending on April 1st. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1582, New Year’s Day was moved to January 1st, and people who still celebrated the end of New Year’s Week on April 1st were called fools. The “April Fish” gag seems fun…hmmmm…

You know what’s no joke? These new releases! Don’t be a fool — get some shut-eye for your little one (and find time to take a shower!) with a little help from these lullabies.




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  • Haha, awesome.

    Kris on
  • I am a teacher. There are 3 of us in our room. The Head Teacher is currently pregnant about to leave on maternity. She faked that her water broke!!! She got a few people really good but I could see the laugh she was hiding!

    Corey on

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