Happy Left-Handers Day: Guess What Rock Stars Are Lefties

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Happy, Happy Left-Handers Day, everyone! lefthandersday-fb I myself am not a left-hander. Now before you give me the side eye, I’d like to make clear that some of my closest friends and family members are left-handed. My dad, my sister and one of my best friends. Oh, and Obama. Just kidding, Obama and I aren’t thaaat close. So outside of those I listed above, I’ve got a few more well-known lefties I’d like to bring your attention to as we celebrate all our the left-handed folks out there! David Bowie, Eminem, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Perry and Dennis Wilson, plus… Sir Paul McCartney - Paul tried strumming his first guitar right-handed but couldn't figure out how to make the sounds he wanted until he flipped it around the other way. Or so the story goes . . . Kurt Cobain - I don’t know about you but I know a hell of a lot of people who tried learning to play the guitar left-handed because of Kurt Cobain. Many in the early ’90s saw it as an anti-conformist statement  (even though his playing form really was just based on him being left-handed) and took to his style like moths to the flame. Tony Lommi - Tony’s playing in Black Sabbath is iconic, there’s no fussing about that. But did you know the reason his signature sound is so heavy is because he was forced to downtune his guitar and use light-gauge strings to make it easier for him to play after he lost the tips of his middle and right ring fingers. Very metal. Ringo Starr - Most people don’t know that Ringo actually first began writing left-handed, but was encouraged to use his right hand by his grandmother. When it came to playing drums, he has a right-handed kit, but he still leads with his left.

Have some we missed? Share ’em so we don’t forget next time!

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