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Article: Happy Veteran’s Day

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Happy Veteran’s Day

There's one photo I'll never forget from my childhood. It was of my grandfather in his U.S. Army uniform that always sat on my grandmother's desk. He was a lieutenant during World War II. It looked like such a distant time to me when I'd stare at it as a child, because it was a sepia print and he was so young! I was lucky enough to spend time with him for quite a few years before he passed. He was always smiling, affectionate with my grandmother and loved being surrounded by his "army" of grandchildren. I think in total there were 14. (Sorry, cousins, if I missed any of you!) But when I think of him now, it's always that younger man's face that I remember versus the grandfather in his sixties who had little hair, plenty of loveable wrinkles and wore glasses. I'm not sure why. No one in the family really talked about his time in the army. And none of us really asked. But what my dad did tell me, as I got older, was that our family would not be where we are today if not for his service. So, thank you, Grandpa, you're my hero.



My grandfather Charles was a WWII Merchant Mariner. Not all Merchant Marines saw combat but mine did with subs and fighter pilots. I was disappointed to find out Merchant Mariners did not earn the right to call themselves veterans and receive benefits as vets until a court ruling in 1988. But Grandpa will always be my favorite veteran. RIP!

Carrie B

Thank you to all the people who made it through OCS training after my body broke. Thank you to all the service members out there that put their lives on the line daily, and to those who have gone before. Just, thanks.


My husband is currently active duty in the Navy. Definitely thankful for him serving and all those in active duty or who served before!!

Nicole T

My brother in law was in he Army. He so willingly signed up after 9/11 and was proud to serve his country until an injury no longer allowed him to do so. Thanks to all the veterans!


With a dad and father-in-law who are both veterans, both in the Navy, it’s hard not to salute the men and women who fight for freedom on daily basis. Let’s hope our children have a chance at real peace.


Ryan, my best friend, my brother from another mother, my partner in crime has been in the National Guard since that summer of our senior year in 1999. I remember laughing at his crazy stories, calling him Beetle Bailey in the pictures he sent me in full gear, holding my breath with each deployment (3), and pridefully hugging him everytime he returned. He leaves on his last deployment in Jan and once again, I’ll hold my breath and say lots of prayers. Along with all those things he’s also my hero. He’s been there for me through all my ups and downs and I know he puts that same care in his duties for this country. He is a good man and soldier. I hope we will be old farts together and talk about the good old days. I <3 ya man!

Heather Larson

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