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Article: Higher Ground


Higher Ground

"People keep on learnin'..." You know what's a pleasant surprise when it comes to learning about being a parent? Getting schooled by dads. As a mother, I take for granted that mother knows best...and knows all. What does a dude have to teach me that I don't already know or haven't figured out on my own - or from another mother? Here's one: that an upside-down chair could make my life easier. Scratching your head over that one? Well, during a trip to our local diner, our friends brought their newborn to dine with us on the patio. Baby was in her car seat and her daddy asked the server for a high chair, which baffled us. The kid couldn't even hold her head up. He noticed my concerned look, and when the high chair arrived, he said, "You haven't seen this?" He flipped the wooden chair over with the back of the chair on the ground away from him, then he picked up baby (still in car seat) and placed her between the bottom legs with the seat resting atop the horizontal rails. And, ta-da, baby can chill out in car seat facing her parents, off the dirty floor and on higher ground. Learn something new every day... even from daddy. (More on that soon, from my own baby's daddy.) Speaking of "Higher Ground," are you as excited as we are about the upcoming release of Lullaby Renditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers? Pre-order copies now to deliver zzzzzs to the bundles of joy in your life -- and to those who care for them!

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