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Article: Holiday Coloring Page


Holiday Coloring Page

Baby it's freeeezing outside! Seriously, is it just me or has it been unseasonably cold lately? Brrr! Being from the Midwest, I know a thing or two about frost and windchill, but, man, it's been chilly in Los Angeles (even though it was 80 on Monday, today's high of 57 has me shivering). That's why, if you're looking for an activity that doesn't require 20 layers of long johns and a few pairs of wool socks, we've got a few fun coloring projects for you to do! Click the coloring pages below to download!

coloringpage1-lowrescoloringpage2-lowres (2)

Happy Coloring!

Psst . . . Want to have a little extra fun with the Rockabye Bear? Download our Mad Lib below!


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