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Article: Holiday Gift Pick: Vinyl Lover’s Bundle

Funny Baby

Holiday Gift Pick: Vinyl Lover’s Bundle

Last Christmas while we were staying at my parent's house, my toddler discovered lots of new pastimes: pulling ornaments off the tree, watching Turner Classic Movies with her Grandmommie, nonstop ice cream eating and listening to vinyl on my father's record player. She found an old stash of records from my late seventies childhood in a closet, including classics such as Mickey Mouse Disco, Mary Poppins and Peter and the Wolf. Her favorite by far was-and remains to be (of course, we had to bring it back home with us)-Grover Sings the Blues. Not only has she listened to it about a million times, she carries around the album cover with her on a regular basis and converses with it. At meal times, the album art from Grover Sings the Blues sits across from her. It's clear that my two-year-old is a vinyl snob. I'm glad she's so old school, but we are also in serious need of a new soundtrack for our lives around here. Which is why I'm super excited about the Vinyl Lover's Bundle  for only $35 featuring a Lullaby Renditions of The Smiths record and a Rockabye Baby green onesie.

In terms of mood, Morrissey might be less melancholic than the Muppet-Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is downright cheery compared to Grover's What Do I Do When I'm Alone. So bring on The Smiths and some holiday cheer, I'm setting a place at the dinner table for the Rockabye Bear. Looking for great CD bundles for the holidays? Rockabye has those, too! Just visit our Holiday Gift Guide  for more gift ideas.

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