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diydrumI'm not a drummer, but, gosh dang, sometimes I wish I were. My fascination with drumming came at a young age. I was at a county fair watching my great-uncle's polka band with my grandma 20 years or so ago. My grandma had me plopped on her lap and was bouncing me about to the "oohm-pa-pa-oohma-pa-pa" of the drums. I remember just staring with my mouth open as the drummer beat away on her little drum kit. I was mesmerized. Nowadays I see drummers playing (mouth still open) and all I can think is: "How are you getting your limbs to do all of those things!?" I can't even coordinate and control my hands long enough to cut food with a fork and knife! I've tried my hand at drumming a few times but just the act of sitting at a kit seems to turn my arms and legs to rubber. It's a sad thing to admit but drumming just isn't for me . . . That's not going to stop me from being a fan though! Double pedal for LIFE. As it's International Drum Month, we couldn't help but roll out a little DIY Drum project for you to share with your little drummers. Plus, this is a drum I think even I could play. What You'll Need and Instructions: 1. Cans, fabric, glue, scissors, leather to wrap around the top and bottom of cans (or" pleather" as we used), leather straps, heavy duty hole puncher, *optional: wooden dowel and wooden ball to make drum mallet 2. Cut fabric to size of can and glue one side. 3. Wrap the fabric around your can and pat to secure. 4. Lay out leather and trace the bottom of your can. Measure about 1 inch around your circle and draw another. Cut out the larger circle. 5. With the heavy duty hole puncher, punch holes about 1/2 inch from the edge around the circumference of your circle. 6. Weave your leather laces through each of the holes. 7. Tightly cinch the leather (pleather) over the top of your can and tie the laces together. Repeat the process on the bottom of the can. 8. Decorate as desired and SMASH!


These would make great holiday gifts, too ;) Here's Little Miss D playing with the set we made! littlemissD

For more great DIY instruments, click on the images below. 52 photo stick

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  • 5 mins 37 sec!

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  • I had a time of 5:44

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