How to Hold Other People's Babies

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The first time I remember holding a baby was when my little sister arrived. My grandpa plopped me onto the chair next to my mom's bedside in the hospital and by grandma placed the little bundle that was my future best friend into my arms. I thought she looked like an alien. Her eyes were HUGE and her head was strangely large on top and narrow at the bottom (sorry, Stef , actually, not sorry, you looked like ET). But holding her for the first time was a life-altering experience for me, even though I was only three. As if my maternal instincts kicked in at that moment, I've been kind of a "childless mother" ever since. Over the years, upholding my childless mother title, I've held my fair share of babies: From my baby sister to new cousins, from friends' babies to the babies of my friends' friends. . . and the list goes on. With that came learning baby-holding etiquette-especially when dealing with new parents. For example, in order to hold my friend's newborn girl, she insisted that she actually hold the child and then sit in my lap, so it was like I was holding the baby. Really? I've known you since before either of us could spell our own names?? So, yeah, holding other people's babies can be a touchy subject. Some parents are all for handing off their little ones to let others coo over them while others develop symptoms of severe indigestion just at the thought of someone else holding their creation. To ease your own baby-holding anxiety and that of the parents', gently remind them that "Hey, it's okay. I have no intention of holding your baby by the ear over a vat of molten hot magma" with these simple tips on holding other people's babies:


What about you? What other tips do you have for people holding your baby?

Disclaimer: My sister has fully acknowledged that she looked like an alien when she was born. I am not just being a mean, older sister. She literally became the cutest baby ever, though, so I don't feel bad. I mean look at her:

So to you, Stef, I dedicate this little lullaby: Rockabye Baby's Lullaby Renditions of Queen's "You're My Best Friend" 


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