How Well Do You Know Rockabye Baby Giveaway

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howwelldoyouknowrb Congratulations to our winner Josef Serfaty! Answers: 1.) D 2.) C 3.) B 4.) D For those of you who have been fans of the Rockabye Baby series for a long time, this giveaway is for you! We're gifting one knowledgeable Rockabye Baby fan with a whole lot of rockin' gear - if you can answer a few trivia questions first, that is. One winner will win our "Groupie Pack" including: 3 Rockabye Baby CDs of your choice A Rockabye Baby toddler T-shirt -or- onesie of your choice  onesie An adult mens or womens Rockabye Baby T-shirt


So, how well do you know Rockabye Baby?

1. What year was "Rockabye Baby" officially launched? a. 2003 b. 2004 c. 2005 d. 2006 2. Rockabye Baby's most recently released album was: a. Lullaby Renditions of Michael Jackson b. Lullaby Renditions of Foo Fighters c. Lullaby Renditions of Jay Z d. Lullaby Renditions of Gwar 3. How many total albums has Rockabye Baby released? a. 24 b. 55 c. 33 d. 48 BONUS: Which of these Rockabye Baby albums was released first? a. Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd b. Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles c. Lullaby Renditions of Tool d. Lullaby Renditions of Radiohead Email your answers to by Sunday, August 11, 6 pm PST for the chance to win Rockabye Baby's "Groupie Pack!" Good luck!

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  • 1. d
    2. a
    3. d
    bonus. b

    jolene Conti on

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