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Happy first Friday of the month! Think first Fridays of the month are just for cool art and music happenings? Well, sure they are, but here at Rockabye Baby, we're also using them to spotlight what's happening with your little ones. When you have a child, witnessing their "first" anything is a precious moment... and even better when you can record them. We know how proud you are of your kids' firsts, so we're taking each first Friday of the month to celebrate just that! We're kicking things off with this video from Janet of Dunblane, Scotland, of her son, Magnus.

"Magnus's First Word," April 2012

Magnus began saying the "m" sound at around one year, and then he started using it when we he wanted something -- pointing and saying "ma" really clearly. (This replaced the previous shrill squawking that he did when he wanted things, so we were pleased!) Then he started making it sound like "ma-nu," and we realised he was saying his own name. So the video clip shows us encouraging him to say it. He now has different sounds for Maisie, his sister, Mummy and we think also Bounce, Bang and Book (a small insight into our lives!!!). He's now 14 months.


 (If you're in the UK, like Janet and family, don't forget to check out our UK site!)

Share your kids' firsts with us by emailing us at your photos, videos and stories. Your child can be our next First Friday spotlight!

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