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I can't remember when I first discovered that records aren't necessarily made by a bunch of musicians in a room playing live. It was before I was a teenager, because I still have cassette tapes that I made of primitive multi-track recordings using my mom's answering machine and our stereo, little-fingered guitar pluckings and piano doodles buried in a wash of static. It can be fun when your kid has learned about what sounds different instruments make to listen to music with them and try to isolate each one, singing or humming along to just the sound they make. For an awesome and fun visual aid, check out the YouTube mixes of Israeli DJ Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman. Sampling, looping and layering video footage of dozens of musicians, it's funky, funny, and educational.


See more at http://thru-you.com/.

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  • This is so cool!

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