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Article: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!

Funny Baby

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!

No need to scramble to coordinate Halloween costumes for everyone in your candy clan; Rockabye Baby has you covered! These last-minute getups inspired by artists Rockabye Baby has "lullabized" will have your little trick-or-treaters looking like rock stars in no time. Slash Cute and instantly recognizable, this miniature tribute to one of the world's great guitarists will have everyone proclaiming, "Oh, sweet child of mine . . . " What you'll need: A black top hat, dark sunglasses and a long, curly, dark-haired wig (for baby, an adult medium-length wig will do) To top it off: Strap on a mini guitar (or cardboard cutout guitar) Prince "The Kid" was definitely funky, but with this costume, your little one will be the funkiest of them all. What you'll need: A purple jacket or blazer and a white scarf or frilly white shirt To top it off: Black, non-toxic, washable marker to recreate Prince's signature pencil mustache Kanye West With cool kicks, all your babe will need is a little swagger. What you'll need: "Shutter" sunglasses, an old letterman or varsity jacket and colorful sneakers. To top it off: A microphone and serious attitude '80s Madonna We love all of Madonna's iconic looks, but the early '80s glitz/glam look takes the cake. So come on "Material Girl," let's "Dress You Up!" What you'll need: Large black bow, colorful bracelets, black tank top, and pink tutu. To top it off: Black fishnet gloves

Which star outfit will your child be rocking?

To help your kids get into character, remember to play the lullaby renditions of their favorite rock star's hits! .     .     If you're really cramped for time, feel free to print any of our Bear-y Scary Halloween Masks for you or your trick-or-treater!

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Love, love, love these! Wish I had more kids so I can take a whole crew of them out in these costumes.

Mama T

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