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Article: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

We're T-minus, uh, no days to Halloween; it's here! Yeah, it crept up, huh! If you're looking for a quick and simple last minute Halloween costume for one of your trick-or-treating troops, look no further. (And for an added bonus, check out this awesome coloring page that both you and your littles can enjoy ... featuring our entire cast of characters.) halloweencoloringpg-lowres Elton John


What You'll Need: Over-sized, bejeweled sunglasses and a feather boa

To top it off: If you happen to have a mini keyboard on hand, this is a great time to use it! Michael Jackson michaeljackson What You'll Need: A red zip-up jacket, a single white glove To top it off: White socks with black shoes Gwen Stefani gwenstefani (3) What You'll Need: Pony-tail, red lipstick, wind-pants, and a sleeveless white tank top To top it off: An orange Elvis Presley elvisp What You'll Need: Slicked back hair, some "king-sized" shades, a white colored shirt and a red cachenez Top it off: With a non-toxic black marker, draw on a pair of sideburns for your "hunk, a hunk-of burnin' love." Check out a few other quick Halloween get-ups inspired by artists Rockabye Baby has "lullabied" here!

To really get your kids into character, listen to their favorite rocker's biggest hits

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Don't forget! There's one more day of our Halloween Sale!


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