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Article: Let’s Talk Months

Baby Music

Let’s Talk Months

Happy Monday, everyone! Need help getting back into the groove from a nice relaxing weekend (or perhaps not so relaxing if your little one recently developed a mean throwing arm)? To help your Monday go by quicker, here's our trivia question for the day
Name 5 songs with a month in the title. Here is a diverse roundup to get the fun started: 1. November Rain (Guns N' Roses) 2. Hot August Night (Neil Diamond) 3. 4th of July (U2) 4. Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day) 5. April Fools (Rufus Wainwright) Extra points to those who can name 5 songs with July in the title! See how fast the day can go when you Rockabye.


september morn – neil diamond
september – the shins
february stars – foo fighters
november spawned a monster – morrissey
april skies – jesus and mary chain

now that’s a mix!


october nights – yellowcard
November Blues – Avett Brothers
october – U2
December – Collective Soul
Morning In May – Ludo


avril 14th – aphex twin
july, july! – the decemberists
4th of july – aimee mann
month of may – arcade fire
one april day – stephin merritt


Victorious March – Amon Amarth
July – Katatonia
March of the Fire Ants – Mastodon
The Fifth Day of March – Novembers Doom
Dirge for November – Opeth
April Atherial – Opeth
Forest of October – Opeth
March of the Lor – The Sword
Outro: The End of August – Woods of Ypres
December in Windsor – Woods of Ypres

Now that is double what you wanted, so do the SlaYer album already!

Vinny Bulloch

Pale September – Fiona Apple
A Long December – Counting Crows
Sunset in July – 311
Cold Day in July – Dixie Chicks
April 29 1992 – Sublime


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