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Article: Mommy Memories


Mommy Memories

Mothers . . . they make our worlds go ’round, and other times they turn them upside down. With Mother’s Day just days away, we want to hear about the special mom in your life: the good, the bad and the hilarious. Whether it’s your mom, the mother of your child or a mom figure who has touched your life, we want to hear from you. mommemoriesgiveaway-fb Post your story below by May 12 at 8 pm PT for a chance to win a (1) copy of Good Baby, Bad Baby, a compilation featuring some of your favorite artists! a Rafflecopter giveaway Three (3) winners will be selected in our random drawing. See official rules here. Here are some of our staff’s favorite photos and memories with their mamas. Let’s jump in! staciesmom “One of my favorite memories with my mom actually just happened a couple of weeks ago while I was visiting home. She and I made supper, had a few glasses of wine and just talked and talked and talked about music for hours on end. From Fleetwood Mac to Roxette to George Harrison to Joan Baez to not really liking AC/DC that much over to Led Zeppelin, we covered a lot of bases. In that moment that night I realized just how proud and happy I am that I’m her daughter and that I’m *hopefully* at least a little like her because she’s so COOL.” - Stacie, Ms. Rockabye


“My mom and I created a lot of hilarious memories together, especially when I was little. She has been a drama teacher for most of my life, so you might be able to imagine it was a bit . . . animated in my house. One of my favorites, though, was when she was putting on a production of The Emperor’s New Clothes and it was part of a touring program that went around to different schools. One of the younger, male actors couldn’t do one performance and she asked me to step in. Oh, and I was about SEVEN years old, BTW. The part wasn’t big, but she put a lot of trust in me to memorize the lines and figure out the blocking in, basically in an afternoon. It was crazy and a total blast and hilarious and I will never forget it.” — Sarah, Rockabye Grrl


“My mom and I share the same birthday, September 12, so when I turned 30 and she turned 70, we told everyone we were celebrating our 100th birthday!” — Debbie We look forward to hearing your mommy memories. Just post them in the comments below. And for some mama lullabies, check out these releases featuring Beyoncé, Pink, and Gwen Stefani! [col1]9706_300dpi[/col1][col2]9608_300dpi[/col2][col3]goodbabybadbaby[/col3]    

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My mom always played The Beatles for my little sister and I before bedtime. She passed away when I was 13 but will always remember those nights.


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