My Super Bowl Pick: Go Team Baby!

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Unless you're living under a rock, you know that millions of households and every bar across the country are gearing up for the big game this Sunday, the Super Bowl, arguably the biggest sports event of the year-except in our household. You see, I married into a hard core basketball-loving family. The only reason you see any football playing on our television is if it's being featured in a Hollywood feel-good flick. Over the years I've tried to at least find a couple of hours of the week for me to have my NFL block of time. I'd put Monday Night Football on after work, but when my wife saw it was on, she'd never give me any peace to enjoy this great American pastime: watching a bunch of dudes tackling, running and grunting as I kicked back and drank a couple of beers. When I became a dad last year, I finally got an ally in the household, a best friend forever, an NFL fan (whether she liked it or not) to follow the games with. So when the season started, I was determined to finally make this a football household. My daughter, Little D, and I had dates for Monday Night Football and weekend games. I thoughtfully would send my wife to nap during those times and turn on the game while baby busied herself with her toys nearby in her playpen. D would happily respond excitedly to any of my cheers or grunts to the NFL action. She thought it was funny. This was our game. I even joined a fantasy football league with my friend James and a few of his friends to really show my commitment this season, and named my team, Team D, for good luck. Team D actually kicked a-- for those first months. (Honestly, I had no clue what I was doing.) But as the season went on "football D" went by the wayside, while I became more consumed with adventures with D outside the home. Now James has been stalking me because he wants the $30 I agreed to throw into the fantasy league. But with Super Bowl just days away, I think it's time to bring Team D back to life, because this Daddy and Daughter have a game to play-and I come out a winner every time. (We just have to make sure we get Mommy out of the house or to bed.) And, guys, don't tell James where to find me, all right? For you football fans who need your peace to enjoy the big game, here's Daddy in Training's top picks to send your little ones (or significant others) to slumberland.  

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