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Article: National Play-Doh Day!

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National Play-Doh Day!

When I was growing up, Play-Doh was the sh*t. Pardon my enthusiasm, but it really was. From three-years-old on, I was like a miniature Michelangelo; the master of molding and carving my favorite farm animals, my mom's flower beds and my dad's tractors (among many other things). Even after the time my older boy cousins convinced me Play-Doh was a tasty treat, and I threw up for 20 minutes after scarfing a decent sized chunk of it, I couldn't be kept from the stuff. I was back within the hour molding and rolling my beloved Doh. Nowadays, I'm seeing endless recipes for all sorts of different takes on the original Play-Doh. Glitter, galactic, glow in the dark, even pumpkin! Yeah, pumpkin "playdough." Can you imagine how good that smells? Since today is National Play-Doh Day, I hit Pinterest in search of a few different homemade Play-Doh recipes that I know the kid me (and, let's not "kid" ourselves, current me) would love to try!


Glitter Playdough

Nothing looks more fun than this easy-to-make, galactic dough.


Pumpkin Playdough

With fall just around the corner, this would make for the perfect weekend afternoon activity. Plus, it'd smell great!


Glow-in-the-Dark Play Dough

Seriously? This is just too cool.

Check out more from Rockabye Baby's Playroom Board on Pinterest here!

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