New Arrival: Good Baby, Bad Baby

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Due Date: Today!027297970922 Is your baby good as gold or bad to the bone? Depends when you ask, right? Rockabye Baby knows that even your sweetest thing can get crazy when it’s time for bed. For our first ever mini picture book with music, we picked a playful mix of songs and illustrations that sum up life with a little rocker — always good, sometimes bad. These instrumental lullaby renditions of baby’s favorite rock songs will lull your perfect angel to sleep, and tickle Mom and Dad, too, Rockabye Baby style Good Baby 1. The Sweetest Thing (lullaby rendition of U2) 2. Happy (lullaby rendition of Pharrell Williams) 3. My Hero (from lullaby renditions of Foo Fighters) 4. F**kin’ Perfect (from lullaby renditions of P!nk) 5. Halo (lullaby rendition of Beyoncé) 7. She Will Be Loved (lullaby rendition of Maroon 5) 8. Enjoy the Silence (from lullaby renditions of Depeche Mode) Bad Baby 9. Crazy (lullaby rendition of Gnarls Barkley) 10. Breaking the Law (lullaby renditions of Judas Priest) 11. Back to Black (lullaby rendition of Amy Winehouse) 12. Big Pimpin’ (from lullaby renditions of Jay Z) 13. Love the Way You Lie (lullaby rendition of Eminem/Rihanna) 14. Creep (lullaby rendition of Radiohead)

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