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Article: New Arrival: Lullaby Renditions of Prince

Baby Music

New Arrival: Lullaby Renditions of Prince

Lullaby Renditions of Prince has arrived!

Have sleepless nights made you delirious? When your little dove cries and a simple kiss won't do, try these gentle renditions of Prince's funkiest anthems. Drive off to dreamland with Rockabye Baby.

Tracklist 1. 1999 2. Raspberry Beret 3. Little Red Corvette 4. Kiss 5. I Wanna Be Your Lover 6. U Got the Look 7. Cream 8. Alphabet St. 9. Delirious 10. When Doves Cry 11. I Would Die 4 U 12. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 13. Purple Rain

Get your copy of Lullaby Renditions of Prince now! 

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