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Article: New Arrival: Rockabye Baby! Guns N' Roses

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New Arrival: Rockabye Baby! Guns N' Roses

Description: Is a sweet child o' yours trying your patience at bedtime? Do you have an appetite for noise reduction? Don't you cry tonight. Fire up these gentle renditions of GNR's metal classics to rock your little devil to a peaceful sleep. Welcome to the nursery, baby. It's paradise city. Tracklist:
  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. Sweet Child O' Mine
  3. Paradise City
  4. Live And Let Die
  5. November Rain
  6. You Could Be Mine
  7. Mr. Brownstone
  8. Estranged
  9. Yesterdays
  10. Don't Cry
  11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  12. Patience


This is so cute!

music lover!

LOVE this tracklist!


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