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lego If you liked death metal LEGOs, you'll love Playmobil Joy Division. There's still time to have a baby born on 11-11-11 if  you hurry. GOOD suggests that planning cities for children would  be best for everyone involved. Check out a Baby Loves Disco party near you. "Las Palmas," an award-winning Swedish short film,  takes the idea that babies act a little...well, drunk one  step further. Protect your crawling (or skateboarding) baby's knees with baby knee pads. In a recent issue of Lapham's Quarterly, Paul Collins relates the fascinating story of child prodigy Barbara Follett, who started her first novel in 1923 at age eight. Is your child too young for sports? These krumping kids are out of control. As Xeni Jardin writes, "What amazes me most isn't the phenomenal krumpin' the one kid does for such a long period of time in this video, but the sight of the two other 8-year-old boys next to him, standing still for more than 10 seconds."

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