No Wrong Notes: Cool Music Classes For Kids

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New York City kids have access to all the coolest things, but one of the coolest I've heard about lately is Paul "Ubertar" Rubenstein, who teaches some of the most awesome and unclassifiable music classes on the planet. First he takes his kids and has them help him build one-stringed, microtonal, adjustable-fret electric guitars, tuned so that there are no "wrong notes." And then, with their new knowledge of music theory and their handmade axes, they jam. And boy, do they ever jam - the music they make is exciting, inspiring, and completely unlike anything else. You can read more about his classes and listen to some of the music at his website:

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  • So jealous! Why didn’t they have that in Cleveland when I was a kid?!

    Also pretty rad is in Los Angeles. It’s great to see music programs out there for little kids, especially when music education in public schools has little to no funding :(

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