Our Favorite Tom Lehrer Songs from The Electric Company

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We loved The Electric Company when we were kids, because of all the cool characters: Letterman, Jennifer of the Jungle, The Slow Reader, and the recurring bits that made us feel in on a very hip joke. What we didn't realize when we were little was that some of the songs were written by satirist Tom Lehrer. Lehrer, the legendary parodist, piano player, mathematician and musical theater professor (wow, that's well rounded!), went to college with The Electric Company's musical director, and so ended up writing and performing ten songs for the show. Here are some of our favorites:
L-Y illustrates how adverbs work, literal-ly!
Silent E is about the transformational powers of the alphabet's quietest letter. Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno (no wonder we loved this show) sing about all kinds of soup and ice cream.

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