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Article: Parenting Advice from the 1950s: Complete Manual on Baby Health


Parenting Advice from the 1950s: Complete Manual on Baby Health

parentingadvice Exercises for the Bust Contour: “During pregnancy the best good turn you can do your figure is the proper care of your breasts. You will have two aims: . . . to reduce the burden upon the supporting structures by not permitting the breasts to get too large . . . to maintain and strengthen the breast supports.” I don’t think I came across any of this advice in books today in preparation for my baby, but noted for next time!parentingadvice1 The whys and wherefores of breastfeeding: “You may have heard a great deal about the disadvantages of breastfeeding. A lot of these stories are old-wives tales.” Word. On play: “The happy child plays while he learns. He also learns while he plays. . . . I have emphasized over and over that [exercise] must be done in the spirit of fun. You can give your child no better preparation for adult life than this zestful enjoyment of the exercise and development of his body.”  Now read this article on “Let the Kids Learn Through Play” for recent studies on learning and play.


  Taking photos: “Start with a camera that will give you sharp pictures . . . and use the fastest panchromatic film available for your size camera.” Oh, if those parents could’ve had what we have today. But here’s advice that never get old: “Use baby’s favorite toy to attract attention and interest . . . then click the shutter extra F-A-S-T!!” Clothing the infant: “Freedom is of vital importance to babies . . . babies who are hampered by clothing are not happy babies.” Agreed.


Don’t Forget Father: “The day is over when Father was ‘The Forgotten Man.’ Young moderns know that Father’s role in bring up a child is every bit as important as the mother’s.” Yes, if the father is part of the equation. Let’s not forget that single mothers (and single fathers) have also been pulling this parenting this off solo. Habits: This is my favorite advice in the book. “There are three kinds of habits your child with have . . . good habits, bad habits and important habits . . . If baby knows he can do something which annoy you . . . it gives him a weapon to use against the all-powerful adult world. You can’t blame him for using it against you!” Thanks, Joe Bonomo. You’ve heard parenting advice from the 1950s, now delve into our Rocking Parent Tips.

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