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You know about Mother's Day, you know about Father's Day...but did you know this Sunday is Parents' Day? Think of it as a mash-up; a day to celebrate both Mom and Dad and all they do. A happy early Parents Day to all of you proud parents out there!


Some of my favorite memories growing up involve my parents. Like the time my mom rescued me from the bathroom or the time my dad taught me to drive stick shift in his '73 Barracuda when I was 14, while Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" played on repeat. I could go on for days about all of the special moments I've shared with both of them.

What are some of your favorite memories with your parents?

Post your story in the comments below by Wednesday, July 31, 8 pm PST, to enter our random drawing for a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice! We will be selecting three (3) winners. Good luck! Treat yourself to a silent night this Parents' Day with a few lullabies to help your babes drift off to slumber land. 027297969926 027297966529 9675_250x250

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  • I remember coming home from playing & my dad would be playing guitar & singing…He would write lyrics on his bedroom wall from his favorite artists..then paint his favorite.. jim Croce, Billy Joel, cris christopherson..

    kimberly cole on
  • There was a time we took our horses to a state park to ride trails for fathers day and they had no maps! Needless to say we got lost on a 8 hour ride! We were singing the whole time to remain calm…now looking back we laugh because they did have maps we looked on the side of the board!Its a fathers day we will never forget!

    Kimberly Maxwell on
  • My parents were teaching me to ride a bike & I ended up crashing straight into our garbage bin!!!

    melissa avalos on
  • I am currently pregnant with my first child (Due Nov. 10th) This post got me thinking about how many special memories I have with my parents and how I can’t wait to start making memories with our new lil one.

    Ever since I can remember if I said “I love you” to my parents they always respond with “I love you more”. They have truly shown me unconditional love and they are excited to pass that love down to their new grandchild.

    My parents are the ones who got me interested in music. They put me in piano lessons and from there I have grown to love all kinds of music but especially rock n roll!

    My husband is a drummer and we have decorated our nursery with the Lambs & Ivy rock n roll theme. Its absolutely adorable. Now we just need the rock n roll lullaby music to go with it ;) Keep rockin!

    Ashley on
  • One of my favorite memories with my parents was when we went to Massachusetts for the first time. We road triped it and it was great! We stopped at all these random spots and spent a couple of weeks in MA and it was an awesome trip! <3

    Mary Kate on

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