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Article: Pearl Jam Vinyl GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder!


Pearl Jam Vinyl GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder!

This time of year always brings means for celebration, but we have a little extra to raise our glasses (or bottles) to today. Pearl Jam's frontman, Eddie Vedder, turns 49 today. Happy Birthday, Eddie! And what's a birthday without a present or two, right? In honor of Mr. Vedder, we're giving away two copies of our vinyl album, Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam to two of you!


Post your favorite memory involving Pearl Jam in a comment below by Wednesday, January 1, 8PM PST. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for extra entries to win!

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Our two winners will be selected January 2, 2014. Still looking for last-minute presents? All of our releases are available for MP3 download or through iTunes! Make your special holiday mix for someone you love today!




My fav memory of pearl jam is riding to school with my older brother. He’d listen to pearl jam every morning. We really don’t get along anymore but hearing it makes me remember happier times.

Lisa Gonzalez

Favorite PJ memory would be my weekly hikes up Mr Monadnock NH listening to PJ on disc!


Listening to 10 over and over again

Tammy Gnagy

Well, aside from seeing Pearl Jam for the first time when I was 15 and totally loving it, my most recent favorite PJ experience is when I was pregnant and playing PJ on my iPad. The baby started kicking during “Sonic Reducer.” It was one of the first times I felt him kicking. I knew right then he was for sure a Pearl Jam fan! We listen to PJ all the time now.


Opening the new copy of Vitaology on the school bus!


oh and I used to listen to Pearl Jam on my Walkman in Junior High School while riding the bus!


My baby loves the Rockabye Baby CDs!!!


I don’t have any memories but hubs used to like listening to PJ.


My favorite Pearl Jam memory was when I was a teenager. We couldn’t get tickets to see them because we were broke and waited too long but we decided to hang outside the club and just be part of the crowd.My sister had the idea to go to the back door where the bus was and we actually got to see them walking in. The guys spoke to us for a minute and were really cool. We didn’t ask them to get us in…we didn’t want to be rude. We were more then satisfied to just meet the band.

rayray cartucci

My fav memories of pearl jam are cruising through suburbia with high school friends in my 1990 Chevy lumina, singing at the top of our lungs with the windows opened. We serenaded others at traffic lights and either were joined in the festivities or laughed at. All in good fun!!

Candace McCabe

Shared Pearl Jam with an old friend back kids. Now in out 30’s and I am back in contact with him and he was sharing back when I told him about Eddie Vedder and when I introduced him to his music :)



Pearl Jam Vinyl GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder! | Rockabye Baby!


Listening to PJ while driving along the coast watching the waves. So relaxing.


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