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Article: Print and Play: Rockabye Halloween Coloring Pages!

Coloring Pages

Print and Play: Rockabye Halloween Coloring Pages!

We're counting down to Halloween, Rockabye style, with more fun print-and-play activities to get the whole family ready for the holiday! If you liked our Rockabye Baby Pumpkin Stencils, we know you'll dig our Halloween Coloring Pages. There's our Tiger, inspired by "When Babies Attack," the Trick-or-Treat Crew, ready to hit a street near you and Dragon Baby, inspired by "How to Train Your Dragon"-all waiting to be brought to life in color by your kids!   Just click on the images to download the full-size color pages and print and play the Rockabye way. Send us a photo of your finished work of art and you'll automatically be entered for the chance to win a copy of Lullaby Renditions of Dave Matthews Band. Red Hot Chili Peppers, or U2! And don't forget to pop in your favorite lullaby renditions to inspire your little artists. .   . . .   


I think I might keel over from the cuteness, these are adorable!


aww they are cute :)


I totally agree, Sadie! Cute overload.


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