Public Sleeping Day + Playlist + Giveaway = Awesome

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Happy Public Sleeping Day, everyone!

A holiday celebrating zzzzs? Yep, today is really Public Sleeping Day. So get ready to cozy up and nap it out with us-wherever you may be. We've even made a playlist just for the event!

Your young ones are probably pros at public sleeping, but maybe you need a few tips. Here are some of our suggestions on how to comfortably catch some zzzzs in public. 1. You remember the game "Heads Up, Seven Up" we played as kids? Take the heads down position and go to daydream land at the nearest tabletop: at a cafe or restaurant, your company boardroom or your desk. Maybe you'll inspire others to partake in the holiday. 2. Head to your favorite park and bring a blanket to lay down on a comfy patch of grass or bench and then you lie down. J 3. Only have time for a quickie? Try propping your head up against the nearest wall. 4. For those of us fortunate enough to be near the ocean, head to the beach! You're sure to find a public sleeping haven there. Just bring some sunblock. 5. And, of course, one of our favorite ways to sleep in public is finding a shoulder to nuzzle your head on. Could you think of anything more comforting?

Where would you (or will you) sleep in public today?

Send in your photos every day, as often as you'd like, throughout the week to to enter to win 2 CDs of your choice featured in our Public Sleeping Day Playlist. *NOTE: We advise that you do not partake in PSD while driving, operating machinery or playing with your child(ren). Some of you may opt to do it while working, but do so at your own risk!

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