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Article: Remember the Alamo


Remember the Alamo

I have a confession: I am a native Texan. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. But after living and working in California for nearly two decades I started to forget about the place where I spent my formative years. This changed, however, after my daughter, Little D, was born. alamo1You see, most of my family still calls the Lone Star State home. When D was born everyone from my mother to my cousins was hoping to have the opportunity to bond with the newest daughter of Texas. She needed to know her heritage. As my wife and I prepared for our first trip to my homeland with our daughter, I was reminded of Texas history. When I was growing up, it was required for all Texas youth in the eighth grade to study the state's history. Like the size of the state, it was a very big deal. We were educated on many interesting historical "facts," some of which I know now may be far from the truth. But one very important history lesson was drilled into our heads: the history of the state's struggle for independence against Mexico, including the battles fought at Goliad and the Alamo. alamo2With all of this in mind, I felt the need to take my wife and daughter on a pilgrimage to the Alamo. After spending some time with my kin in Houston, we took a road trip to San Antonio, to walk the grounds of the famous Alamo. It was worth it. All walks of life were taking the site in as well, a proud moment for a son of Texas. But more importantly, I shared a very important piece of history with my daughter. And I will always remember this day, just as I was taught to always remember the Alamo. Do you have a great summer moment to share with us? Have you taken a road trip or flown home for the summer to visit family? Show us in this week's giveaway to enter to win a FREE MP3 Album download to take with you on all your summer lovin' adventures!

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