Remembering Freddie Mercury! (And a special someone from the RB Team!)

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Only one person in history could pull this outfit off . . .


  From his intricate and operatic songwriting abilities to his soaring voice and theatrical performances, Mercury will long be known as one of rock and roll’s greatest showmen. Today, he would have been 68. I have a couple of Queen concert DVDs and, I kid you not, the first time I watched Queen Live in Montreal, I took photos of my TV screen (yep, like a crazy person) because Freddie’s stage presence was so illuminating and demanding of my attention, it felt like I was actually there watching him. His trance is inescapable. To commemorate Mercury’s birthday, I’m sharing one of my favorite Queen videos that features his memorable moves and costumes . . .

"I Want To Break Free"

I always used to picture myself triumphantly busting out of my high school’s doors after test days to this song. I never did it, but listening to it now makes me want to visit my old high school and finally make it happen. And last but not least, as we’re not just celebrating just Mercury’s birthday today, we have Rockabye Grrl’s favorite Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Happy Birthday, Rockabye Grrl!
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