Rockabye Baby Bingo

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Now here’s a bingo game that will get your little ones learning all your favorite musicians: Rockabye Baby Bingo. Plus, it’s the cutest bingo set you’ll ever see! rbbingo-fb What you’ll need  2 or more players Rockabye Baby Bingo cards for each player (download below and print!) Bingo markers or just pens Rockabye Baby Bingo artist list printout (download below and print and cut out) Box or hat for random draw of names How to play The goal of the game is to cover five squares in a row, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • Designate the “caller” who will select the names from the box or hat. He/she will call the artist name out to the players.
  • Place all the artist names in the box or hat and mix them up.
  • Agree on a prize if you’d like! Winner doesn’t do the dishes? Winner doesn’t fold the laundry?
  • Hand out the playing cards and markers or pens to all the players. Each player will need one card. If you want to play more than one card you can!
  • Mark off the “Free Space” square.
  • Shake up the hat or box and have the caller select a name from it without looking.
  • Caller says what was selected, and then he/she needs to put the name to the side, while each player marks his/her card.
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 until a player gets 5 squares in a row and shouts, “Rockabye Baby Bingo!”
  • Repeat all steps again and again to your heart’s content!
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