Rockabye Baby Flashback: The Year 2008

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Do you remember what you were doing in 2008? Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna celebrated their 50th birthdays and Michael Jackson's Thriller celebrated the 25th anniversary of its release.        ........ .   Rockabye Baby was going through its toddler stage and released awesome lullaby renditions of AC/DC and the Pixies.  . . . ..........  The University of Plymouth gave the members of Muse Honorary Doctorates of the Arts for their contributions to music. Muse also released its live album HAARP in 2008.

And guess what frontman Matt Bellamy's future partner, actress Kate Hudson, was doing around this time 5 years ago? See below around 4:10 mark!

We wonder what she thinks about our Lullaby Renditions of Muse...

What were highlights from your life 5 years ago?

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  • I wish I could remember what happened in 2008! I know what I wasn’t: married, a mother and employed. Ha! I’m all three now and couldn’t be happier.

    Mama T on

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