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Article: Rockabye Baby! in The UK Sun & The Benefits of Playing Music for Premature Babies

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Rockabye Baby! in The UK Sun & The Benefits of Playing Music for Premature Babies

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Nirvana was the focus of an article today in The Sun, the UK's biggest-selling newspaper. The article by Health and Science Editor Emma Morton titled Nirvana Sending Babies to Sleep, talks about how Rockabye Baby! is selling out of UK and US stores. rockabye-baby-in-the-sun-ukMorton also writes about a recent and really exciting Canadian study on the benefits of playing music for premature infants: "Meanwhile, it has been revealed playing music to premature tots numbs any pain. Doctors found it reduced the discomfort they suffered from injections and blood tests. And it helped tots to feed better. Music also reduced pain in full-term babies having minor ops." How cool is that?!

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I’m a mother and a big fan of Rockabye Baby! I didn’t need a study to prove the benefits of your lullabies, but how great to see it confirmed in black white. Trust me, the children aren’t the only ones benefitting, my husband and I love them too! Keep them coming!


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