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Article: Rockabye Baby Printable Holiday Stockings

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Rockabye Baby Printable Holiday Stockings

I love any excuse I get to create and decorate. And there's no better time (or excuse) to get crafty than during the holidays. We're talking handmade bunting, ornaments, garlands...the whole shebang! To get your family in the crafting spirit, have fun with our printable holiday stockings!
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Click stockings to download full-size art
You and your child can bedazzle your Rockabye Baby holiday stocking however you wish. Add cotton balls, paint, glitter, whatever you like, or let your little elves color them in with crayons or markers to their hearts' content! To display, simply punch holes in the corners of your stocking, and hang them up with yarn or twine for the merriest of artwork to deck your halls this holiday. And don't forget to have a Rockabye Baby soundtrack playing to inspire you! With 24 tracks, our Good Day, Goodnight compilation is a great one to have on any time of day. Get a copy for your family, or for someone you love, before the end of the year to stick in that handmade stocking!

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