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Article: Rockabye Baby’s Halloween Throw-Back

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Rockabye Baby’s Halloween Throw-Back

We here at Rockabye Baby love Halloween. In fact, there are quite a few of us that have been pretty big Halloween fans for a long time . . . In the spirit of one of my favorite holidays, I went around Rockabye Baby Headquarters and asked a few of our staff members if they'd like to share on our blog their favorite Halloween costumes from when they were kids; and by-golly we had a few takers! Check out the Rockabye Baby Team in our mini Trick-or-Treater forms below!


Argee from our Art Department lookin' fly in his cape.


Chrissy, our Web Designer, is the little red crayon on the left!


Kyle from our Sales Department wondering where he is.


Stacie (A.K.A. Ms. Rockabye)  as a pretty, pretty princess. I did my own lipstick ;)


Sarah (A.K.A Rockabye Grrl) clowning around at the dinner table!

Have any of your own Halloween costumes from your childhood you'd like to share? Show us on Facebook or Twitter!

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You guys are so cute!!! :-)


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